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To fill tubes with paste or semi-liquid material, it is best to use a tube filling machine. Sealants, lotions, adhesives, cosmetics, greases, ointments, and other products may be dispensed with the help of tube filler machines. Fill, seal , fold, and emboss using these machines, the specifics of which depend on their design. The industries that often use tube filling machines are the following;

Pharmaceutical Industry

This machinery automatically fills and seals Pharmaceutical goods. This equipment makes filling ointments, lotions, and liquid medications like syrups easy.

Cosmetic Industry

Tubes are the standard container for cosmetics. This equipment is helpful in the industry as it can efficiently fill tubes of varying sizes, shapes, and capacities. Cosmetic items like shampoo, ointments, and body and hair treatments all benefit from their fillinguse and sealing

Pesticide Industry

The convenience of this tube filler makes it an ideal choice for pesticide packaging.

In addition, they are crucial in any sector that produces and packages pastes or semi-solids.

Which Industries Use Tube Filling Machine

What are the Advantages of Using a Tube Filling Machine in the Above Industries?

The tube filling machine can fill all different kinds of tubes, regardless of their forms, sizes, or capacities. Tubes up to 1.6 liters in capacity may be filled and sealed using this equipment. It can fill both viscous and less viscous materials, as well as tubes of varying forms and sizes.

Creams, grease, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are all made simpler to package with the help of this equipment.

Adjustable to meet your needs, and it’s easy to run because of the way it’s programmed to fill tubes.

A big touchscreen serves as the machine’s interface. The operational status is visible graphically as well.

Built-in peristaltic pump that allows it to be set up considerably more quickly.

When there is no container, there is no filling.

It executes its goals rapidly, precisely, and with little to no material waste. Increase profits through filling time optimization.

Because relatively little, if any, human effort is necessary, there is a lower labor expense. The machine operator is the only important person who will ensure the machine is running effectively. As no funds are required to compensate human labor, using this machine is both cost-effective and boosts returns.

This tube filling machine’s surface is both spacious and adaptable. This facilitates the filling procedure by making room for a large number of tubes.

This equipment reliably and consistently fills the tubes with the same amount of product. In contrast to when products are filled into tubes manually, when amounts may vary. Manually filling the tubes with the same amount of product slows down the procedure as a whole.

It may be quickly changed over, encouraging filling a wide range of products. It also aids in boosting its effectiveness.

Protect your goods from contamination by using this tube filler.

Since there is less likelihood of human interaction with the products, the operator is protected from potentially hazardous substances such as insecticides and other chemicals.

While in use, this machine is noticeably less noisy.

Tube fillers need little in the way of maintenance and cleaning.

This equipment helps reduce product waste during the filling process.

When Should Products Be Packaged in Tubes?

Use tubes when a product’s effectiveness may be harmed by exposure to light, air, or other severe environmental conditions.

Ointments, creams, and lotions are particularly difficult to package because of their creamy consistency. This device, though, simplifies production.

The manufacturing sector needs simple distribution of its cream goods of various shapes and sizes.

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