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A shampoo filling production line works with liquids that are thick, thin, or corrosive. It’s a part of the daily chemical filling machine line, which includes a shampoo filling machine, machines for filling laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, alcohol, and other chemicals.

This shampoo filling production line uses a linear filling, anti-corrosion materials, independent control of electrical cabinets, a unique design, better performance, and other features that are in line with the idea of international filling machinery and equipment. It consists of an automatic bottle unscrambler, shampoo filling machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, and labeling machine.shampoo and detergent filling machine

MAKWELL shampoo filling machine is a newer, better version of a volumetric filling machine. It can be used with materials that are thick and sticky. This machine as a whole has an in-line structure, and a servo motor drives it. The principle of volumetric filling makes it possible to fill with high precision. It is run by the PLC, has an easy-to-use human interface, and is controlled by it. This filler has an electric scale with a weight feedback system that makes it easier to change the amount. It’s a good choice for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. For small to medium shampoo productions, a shampoo filling machine semi automatic commonly applies.

  1. The PLC software runs this shampoo filler. The servo motor, servo driver, and volume adjustment only need the target volume to be set on the touch screen. The equipment will then automatically increase or decrease the volume to reach the target volume. Color touch displays to operate, monitor, and do other tasks.
  2. A broad application range with simple adjustments.
  3. This shampoo filling machine can be used to fill most types of bottles, especially those with different shapes, and it is easy to change the volume.
  4. It uses an anti-drip and wire-drawing filling head, an anti-high foaming product filling and lifting system, a positioning system to make sure the bottle mouth is in the right place, and a liquid level control system.
  5. The machine frame is of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The parts that touch the liquid material are SUS316L stainless steel.


Shampoo Filling Production Line Details

  1. Bottle Unscrambler: When a problem occurs, the primary motor speed reducer uses a torque restriction device to protect the machine.
  2. Filling: The filling section adopts anti-drip filling nozzles. It has long, specially designed SUS316L no-drop filling nozzles that protect the cylinder on top from getting damaged. Filling nozzles may be made in a variety of sizes.
  3. Servo Motor Filling Volume:The filling section has a frame made of SUS304, round pistons made of SUS316L, and an advanced servo motor control that makes it easy to change the volume. Quickly put in the filling volume you want on the touch screen.
  4. Capping Machine and Sealing Machine: The capping device is made up of separate parts that are easy to put together and take apart. It is also easy to maintain. The cap can be screwed on quickly and works well. It is safe and reliable. The standing type sealing machine is often used for fuel additives, medication bottles, sports bottles, honey jars, medicine bottles, yogurt bottles, chili sauce, and other applications.
  5. Capping: The capping part uses variable frequency speed control, as well as a mechanical capping mechanism with full functionality. The whole machine’s appearance structure is 304 stainless steel, which has high performance, simple operation, and a beautiful look.
  6. Labeling: The double-sided labeling machine is ideal for applying labels on both sides of bottles and containers of different shapes and sizes.

parameter of shampoo filling machine



  1. Uses mainly SUS316L materials.
  2. For filling nozzles, the shampoo filling machine features a drop-proof construction. There is no leaking, and the filling accuracy is excellent.
  3. Each wire of the machine’s protective connections is labeled with a sticker.
  4. The machine’s circuit boards are neatly organized. Every electric line has a note sticker and number, making future usage and maintenance of the equipment highly convenient and safe.

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