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The MAKWELL jam and sauce filling machine fill various high and low products in viscosity, such as paste sauce, jam, chili sauce, beef sauce, chicken sauce, soybean sauce, tomato sauce, etc. For filling jam and sauce products, the machine use a piston pump. And with a touch screen, you may fill all bottles in a single filling machine with great speed and accuracy.

jam and sauce filling machine


1. A PLC, a touch screen control panel and a weighing device are used to control and run the machine.
2. Each filling head comes with a weight and system feedback.
3. Micro adjustments can be made to each filling head, giving the operator more control.
4. A diving style of filling is used if the filling product is very foamy. It makes less foam and can be used with different types of filling.
5. Sensors, such as photoelectric and proximity switches, are used to stop the machine and alarm if there is no bucket, no filling, or if the barrel is blocked.
6. The parts that come into contact with the filling materials are stainless steel 316. This makes it easy to clean and safe. Stainless steel in the machine frame is not less than 2mm thick.
7. This jam and sauce filling machine as a whole is safe, clean, and can be used in many different workplaces or filling productions.

Filling Parts Characteristics/Properties

Jam Filling Machine

Fulfilling Accuracy Expectations

◎ 5 ml to 5 ml: ± 2%
◎ 5ml to 15ml: ± 1%
◎ For over 15ml: ± 0.5%

Filling Nozzle

◎ Check valve with a spring-loaded ball.
◎ Stainless steel 316L is used to make the filling nozzle.
◎ The food-grade reinforced silicone hoses are used to move products.
◎ Our equipment is fitted with a unique attachment system.
◎ The final design is made for the product to be filled.

Shutoff system for filling nozzles

The jam and sauce filling machine system keeps viscous and semi-viscous products from leaking

◎ Made from stainless steel 316L.
◎ A pneumatically activated plunger is used to close the nozzle.
◎ An air hose system that is easily disconnected for washing down.
◎ With no help from tools, nozzles are easy to disassemble.
◎ The food-grade reinforced silicone hoses are used to move products.

Volumetric Piston 

◎ Control from the servo motor.
◎ 316L stainless steel ball check valves.
◎ Volumetric chamber made of 316L stainless steel.
◎ Piston packing that can be autoclaved and FDA-approved.
◎ Infeed Ø
◎ Outfeed Ø
◎ With attachment system called Tri-Clamp.
◎ You may disassemble the piston with no help from any tools.

Control System

◎ Panel controls are made of stainless steel.
◎ Two-axis swivel control panel in stainless steel tubing.
◎ Control panel with emergency stop.
◎ An industrial PLC controls the machine.
◎ With HMI resolution.
◎ Has color touch screen display of 7 inches in size.
◎ Automated feeder/conveyor speed control and more.
◎ The regular functioning of the equipment displays an alert.
◎ Has the ability to use several interface languages.


◎ Aluminum is anodized, and the frame is covered in stainless steel 304.
◎ Legs are adjustable to keep the table in line and level.
◎ A raised work surface that is simple to clean.
◎ The machine includes many brushless motors for smooth and quick operation.
◎ Inside the machine, frames are safe electrical and mechanical components.
◎ There are electrical and mechanical parts inside the machine frame that are completely safe.
◎ The top plate of the base is watertight, protecting all of the mechanical parts inside.

This jam and sauce filling machine is applicable as a  jam filling or sauce filling.  Choose your preference! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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