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In paint marketing today, there are dynamic changes affecting packaging machinery choices. Because paint is thick and contains particulates and colors, a piston filler is traditionally the mainstay of the industry. The piston paint filling equipment is part of larger can-handling systems and is not a stand-alone device. This is because the paint has always been sold in metal cans. But now, paints are available in plastic pails and bottles because of changing conditions. Very small samples of different colors are also offered in bottles to help in the selling of paint. Piston fillers are still the standard choice for the high production of paint cans and bottles, addressing the demands of a changing industry.

Makwell Paint Filling and Packaging Solutions 

Paint Filling Machine

Our piston paint fillers with 500ml-5L pistons can handle paints in standard sizes from 50ml to 5L, as well as pints and quarts. Paint is abrasive, so piston fillers for paint don’t have elastomers because they would wear out too quickly and get into the paint. Hosing is also kept to a minimum and is usually made of stainless steel to make it easier to clean between batches. Because many paint supplies include solvents or other flammable chemicals, the paint filling equipment must be entirely pneumatic or classify to hazardous electrical regulations.

With two product lines for different sizes, our paint filling equipment can meet almost any paint-filling requirement. Makwell paint-filling solutions are available in two main groups:

  1. 50ml to 5L
  2. 5L and above

We offer you machines in each of these categories. Your paint-packaging device can have the following features and options:

  • Explosion-proof building for the highest level of protection
  • Fill by weight to get the most accurate results.
  • Options for lids and caps.
  • Paint monobloc machines, which can do the filling, capping, and labeling in one device.
  • Smaller tanks and flow control ensure a steady flow, no matter how thick the liquid is.
  • Choices for a small footprint for when space is limited.
  • Fill round, square, and odd-shaped bottles made of plastic and glass, etc.

We can customize any of these features to fit your needs. We can provide you with either a fully automatic or a semi-automatic paint filling equipment.


What Types of Paint Can Our Machines Fill?

We can design and construct unique paint filling and packaging equipment for your fluid or viscous goods. We can fill many types of paints such as;

  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Resins
  • Paints
  • Glues
  • Inks


As a filling machine manufacturer of paint filling, we create and develop paint filling equipment for paints and other similar product materials. Regardless of your pail sizes and shapes, we can supply you with the most efficient equipment to fill and cap your containers. Our experience with various types of liquids, even explosive liquids and our ability to manufacture high-quality equipment make us a reliable provider of paint and other similar products.


Liquid Packaging Machines: Other Types

Many types of liquid packaging equipment are essential for efficient packaging lines for paints and coatings. Cappers, labelers, bottle cleaners, and conveyors are beneficial to a production line.

Rinsing/Washing Machines

Before filling your bottles with paint or coating, it’s best to make sure they are clean so that any possible contaminants don’t oxidize or change the stability of the paint or coating inside. Dust and other particles that can cause a product to go wrong can be taken care of by bottle cleaners.

Capping Machines

After filling in the paint filling equipment, and containers are full of products, they need caps to keep contents from spilling out and getting dirty. Capping machines can place the lids on many different bottles and containers, fitting the size and shape of each one. Depending on the type of cap, you may want to use a spindle capper, chuck capper, snap capper, or automatic vertical wheel plugger. Cappers may also include accessories, such as cap elevators, sorters, and pre-feeders, to increase efficiency.

Labeling Machines

A labeler is an essential component of packaging systems. Labeling machines can apply labels of various materials, such as transparent, Mylar, and paper, to each container. In most situations, labeling machines are adjustable to accommodate a variety of shipping containers, with labels showing custom text, logos, and graphics.

Makwell Designs and Builds Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment For Paint


Speed ​​and precision are critical when filling and packing paint into containers of any size. Speed ​​and efficiency are essential in a high-volume production like paint filling. With these requirements, our paint filling systems can offer filling and packaging precision and speed necessary for the paint packaging industry.

We can provide economical and versatile packaging options to suit your paint-filling needs. Our equipment is easy to use, wastes no product and is fast and hygienic. They are durable, constructed from high-quality materials to fulfill various packaging types, and resistant to harsh chemicals. 

With 15 years in the manufacturing industry, our liquid filling machines ensure adaptability to the changing demands of the paint industry. We manufacture the best suitable machinery to satisfy your paint filling requirements while also meeting your production targets.


Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment to Boost Efficiency and Profit


Automatic liquid filling machines can greatly boost productivity in liquid packaging lines. Product losses are from fill levels that are not accurate. Without this equipment, the filling process wouldn’t be reliable enough to stop such losses.

Filling machines and packaging equipment for liquid products such as paints are now more trustworthy than ever. Thanks to technological advancements for increasing automation and digitalizing many of its elements. The best fillers and packagers are even built to be completely customizable and user-friendly.



Using liquid fillers and other liquid packaging equipment in your facility may be all you need to keep your process running smoothly and keep your business going.

Is there anything you need to know about paint filling? Isn’t it great to know we’re only an email away? Feel free to reach out to us now , and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about paint packaging!

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