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The shampoo is a hair care product for cleaning our hair. It usually comes in the form of a thick liquid. Shampoo applies to wet hair, massaging it into the scalp and then rinsing it out. Some people use hair conditioner after shampooing their hair. A shampoo filling machine packages this hair care product.

With packaging, shampoo bottles provide practical packaging for liquids and gels. Choose from PET, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, and PVC plastic bottles. Each plastic has both distinctive features of its own and qualities in common with the others. Like PET bottles are transparent and impact-resistant. HDPE is quite flexible. When dropped, MDPE has a strong shock resistance. These are typical shampoo bottles:

The shampoo is one of many liquid products we handle. Almost any shampoo packaging facility can use complete systems of a  shampoo filling machine , labelers, cappers, and conveyors to meet its needs. Our machines can also fill and package a wide range of other liquids , from drinks to industrial liquids with low to high viscosity. Make your liquid packaging facility last as long as possible using a system of reliable equipment.

When we talk about “how to choose a filling machine”, it’s hard to ignore how thick the material can be. The shampoo has a high viscosity, so a piston filling machine is an excellent choice when selecting a shampoo filling machine. A series of piston filling heads are set up to fill the bottles with the right amount of shampoo. As the bottles move through this part of the filling line, they are filled with shampoo using the shampoo filling machine. The bottles then move to the machine that puts the caps on.

Top Shampoo Filling Machine Features

1. PLC control, touch screen operation.
2. Driven by a servo motor. The filling size on the HMI is adjustable automatically, for example. If you wish to fill 500g of liquid, enter the number 500, and the machine will adapt automatically 3.
It has a volumetric piston and a high filling accuracy.
4. Top-mounted, double-jacketed heating and mixing tanks prevent liquid crystallization during a one-day or longer break in operation.
5. Automatic liquid filling machines can also have a CIP system that connects to the users’ CIP systems.
6. The horses of the liquid filler are made especially for liquids and have no dead corners.
7. Famous brands make soft tubes or pipes on the liquid filler.
8. Rotating valve built Specifically for transferring sticky liquids.

◎ Filling Factors

automatic shampoo filling machine

Bottling Machines for Shampoos

The filling machine and the capping machine, two essential components of any bottling operation, will be more common in specific sectors than others. For instance, an overflow filler is often used in the bottled water business because of its consistent fill. Personal care industry bottling equipment provides a great example of why these general rules may not apply to every product.

  • Consistency 

Shampoos can be thick or thin. This means that, unlike bottled water, there isn’t a single type of filling machine that will be used for 95% of all shampoos. If the product to be bottled is thicker, a pump filler could also be used. The type of filler used will depend on the qualities of the soap or shampoo being put into the bottle.

  • Foaming

Some shampoos tend to foam when the bottle is filled. Different bottle fillers can stop the foam from making the fills uneven in different ways. To stop foaming, thicker products on different fillers may need to be filled from the bottom up, anti-foaming nozzle attachments, or other methods. Again, the best way to stop the foam depends on the shampoo in the bottle.

  • Cap Types

Shampoo bottle cappers won’t have much to do with the shampoo itself, but they will have everything to do with the bottle and cap. Shampoos can have simple flip-top caps, flat screw-on caps, or even pump-top caps. Most of the time, each type of cap will screw onto the used bottle. However, there are times when a cap won’t screw on. Most shampoo bottles on the market can be sealed with spindle or chuck cappers. But with pump tops and other unique lids, it may be necessary to place or insert parts in a certain way to make the seal consistently and reliably. Because of this, product features are essential for finding the best solution for each product and requirement.

◎ Filling Solutions

Integrate a Complete System of Shampoo Filling Machines

Our liquid fillers can handle a wide range of products, even thicker shampoos. We provide a wide variety of liquid packaging machines, including but not limited to shampoo filling equipment, which will allow you to fully automate your packing process, reducing the number of break and increasing productivity. We have various solutions to fulfill your application’s specific needs.

After filling bottles, capping equipment puts customized caps on different bottles to make an airtight seal that keeps the bottles from getting dirty or leaking. Labelers apply labels on containers that are clear, made of Mylar, or made of paper. Each label has its own logo, text, and images. You can use a system of conveyors with custom speed settings to ensure that your shampoo products move quickly and efficiently from the beginning to the end of the filling and packaging processes. Using all of these pieces of equipment together, You can make a production line that works well and gets the desired results.

Design a Customized Shampoo System of Machinery

Our full line of liquid packaging and filling machines is customizable to fit different needs. We offer equipment that comes in many different sizes and can be set up in a way that makes it easy to use in almost any production line. If you need help finding the best  filling machine for shampoo  and other equipment for your production line, our experts can help you choose the machines, set up the system, and install them. Using a customized liquid packaging system, you can keep breakdowns to a minimum and get the most work done over time.

Contact us right away if you want to start designing and setting up a new system for packaging and filling liquids. We specialize in liquid filling machine manufacture  and other filling and packaging equipment. Plus, our staff is knowledgeable and will help you. We offer services To improve your business and ensure you get the most out of your shampoo filling equipment.


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