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Our filling machines can fill a wide variety of liquids, including shampoo. A complete system comprising a shampoo filling machine , labeling machine, capping machine, and conveyor may satisfy the requirements of almost any shampoo packaging operation. Beverages and other in industrial liquid items are only two examples of the various low- to high-viscosity liquids our equipment can fill and package. Our high-quality equipment system is designed to extend the life of your shampoo packaging plant.

Bottles like those for shampoo and conditioner make it easy to transport liquid and gel products. Shampoo and conditioner bottles may be made from various plastics, including PET, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, and PVC. There are certain features that all plastics have in common , yet there are also others that make each material unique. For instance, PET bottles are transparent and can withstand significant impact. HDPE is quite bendable. When dumped, MDPE sustains minor damage. These are some typical shampoo containers:

shampoo bottles

Shampoo Filling Machine

It is not easy to exclude the material’s viscosity while discussing the filling machine selection process; shampoo often has a very high viscosity, so we will prioritize recommending a piston shampoo filling machine. A regulated series of piston-filling heads en ures that each bottle of shampoo receives the optimum quantity of product. The shampoo is added to the bottles as they pass through this part of the filling process. The bottles are transferred to the machine that puts the caps on them.

Shampoo Filling Machine

MAKWELLMACHINE Shampoo Filling Machine Features

❶ Touch-screen PLC control and operation
❷ With Panasonic servo motors, the filling configuration on the HMI may be adjusted automatically. If you wish to fill 500g of shampoo, you only need to enter the number 500 into the machine, and the filling mechanism will adapt accordingly.
❸ High-filling precision thanks to its volumetric piston design.
❹ With top-of-the-line double-jacketed heating and mixing tanks, the liquid won’t crystallize even if the machine is inactive for a day or longer (Optional).
❺ The CIP system, which an automatic liquid filling machine may link to, is another helpful feature.
❻ The liquid filler’s hoses are custom-made to accommodate their contents’ fluidity; they include rounded corners and are safe for human consumption.
❼ The liquid filler’s soft tubes or pipes are of excellent quality.
❽ A rotary valve designed specifically for the transport of viscous liquids.

Effective Bottling Shampoos

Industries often have their own signature filling and capping machine characteristics. It’s possible that the standard regulations don’t always apply when it comes to shampoo bottling machinery. Different shampoos have different viscosities, foam at various stages of filling, and need other closures. Therefore, the best filling and packaging options for shampoo must be determined by carefully examining each product’s unique qualities.

Shampoo Filling Machine Effective Bottling Shampoos

Variation in Viscosity

Shampoos exist in varying viscosity levels, unlike bottled water. Consequently, only 5% of all shampoo formulations can be filled by a single kind of filling equipment. A pump filler could be used when dealing with heavier formulations, depending on the individual shampoo being bottled. The qualities of the soap or shampoo are very important in choosing the right type of filler.

Shampoo Foam

During the filling process, certain shampoos produce a lot of foam. There are a variety of strategies that apply to bottle fillers to counteract the effects of foam and ensure regular fills. Bottom-up filling, anti-foaming nozzle attachments, and other methods may be required to manage foam when working with heavier goods. How best to prevent foaming while bottling shampoo will vary from product to product.

Cap types

Instead of the product itself, the packaging and cap design has a greater impact on the selection of shampoo bottle capping machines. Pump top, flat screw-on, or flip-top caps may be used for shampoo bottles. Although screw-on caps are often applicable, several cap types have exceptions. Most shampoo bottles on the market are routinely sealed using chuck capping machines and spindle cappers. To regularly and dependably produce a seal, it can be necessary to place or insert components specifically for pump tops and other special lids.

Because of the above, we carefully examine the details of each shampoo to determine the most effective strategy for meeting our customers’ needs. Complete packaging lines, including shampoo filling machines and other liquid packaging equipment, may be combined into a single system. As a result, there will be fewer malfunctions and more output. With our diverse choice of alternatives, we can meet the specific needs of your application.

Integrate A Complete System Of Shampoo Filling Machines

Among the thicker products our liquid filling machine can handle is shampoo. We provide other varieties of liquid packaging machines in addition to shampoo filling machines to complete your packaging system, reducing failures while boosting output. To satisfy the specific needs of your application, we provide a wide range of filling and packaging solutions.

After filling, capping equipment may attach custom caps to a variety of container types to create an airtight seal that blocks contamination and leaking. Containers may have custom branding, text, and graphics applied to them using transparent, Mylar, or paper labels by labelers.

To ensure that shampoo products move with the same degree of efficiency from the beginning to the finish of the filling and packaging activities, you may use a system of conveyors with programmable speed controls. Using a combination of these machines may help you create a productive assembly line that yields the desired results.

Design A Custom System Of Shampoo Machinery

All of the liquid packaging and filling equipment we provide are adaptable to fit your specific needs. Our equipment comes in various sizes to suit your needs, and its adaptability means it can be incorporated into almost any manufacturing process.

Our Team of Professionals Is Here to Help You Every step of the way, from decate. GNING and Installing the Resulting Configuration. An Optimized Liquid Packaging System Will Alow You to Work with Fewer International more output over time.

By getting in touch with our professional and experienced personnel, you may immediately begin developing and implementing your new liquid packaging and filling system. We also provide supplementary services like operator coaching, field service, and implementation enhancement to maximize the performance of your shampoo filling machine and boost the efficiency of your business overall.

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