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Makwell Semi-Automatic Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Filling Machinery widely used in daily chemical,Hand Sanitizer, detergent, shampoo, grease and other industries, can fill different liquid products.

It has compact and reasonable design, concise and beautiful appearance, and convenient filling adjustment.

The machine has multiple filling heads, driven by multiple cylinders, filling materials more quickly and accurately.

The aerodynamic components of FESTO, AirTac and the electronic control components of Taida have stable performance.

The material contact parts are made of 316L/304 stainless steel.

Use Korean Eye Device, Taiwan PLC, Touch Screen, Frequency Converter and French Electrical Components.

Easy to adjust, no bottle without filling, accurate filling quantity and counting function.

Use anti-drip and material filament filling head, anti-foam filling lifting system, positioning system to ensure the location of bottle mouth and liquid level control system.

Makwell is Professional Shampoo and Detergent Filling Machine manufacturer and exporter, We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Shampoo filling and detergent filling needs.

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