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Product Description

Makwellcheap small hand sanitizer filling machine is mainly used in cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical), pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

It’s suitable for a variety of bottle types, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and other packaging containers.

It can be filled with materials such as cream, ointment, face cream, gel or fluid of other viscosity, and then automatic cap and automatic screw capping.

This machine includes bottle turn table, automatic filling and automatic inside cap, automatic pre-capping , servo motor screw cap, bottle outlet.

Bottle feeding: The worker puts the bottle into the bottle turntable, and as the turntable rotates, the bottle is conveyed into the conveyor belt.

Bottle detection: Photoelectric sensor detects whether there is an empty bottle on the main turntable.

The detection signal is sent to the control computer to control the bottle filling, no bottle no filling.

Filling function: If a bottle is detected before filling, no bottle is filled, and the filling nozzle is controlled by PLC to be lifted into the bottle for filling.

Gasket device: The gasket is taken by manipulator and put on by vacuum plugging.

Servo Cap: Inspecting the outer cap, the servo motor controls the torsion and speed to ensure that the cap is tightened and tightened.

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