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Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

The Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is used to pack different types of products that include gels, greases, glues, lotions, creams, and pastes from different industries, including cosmetics, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.

Product Specifications

Packaging type: plastic tube, aluminium tube
Driven type: electric and pneumatic
Certificate: CE
Warranty: one year
After-sale service: Field installation, commissioning and training

The machine comes with automatic tube loading, filling, sealing, and labeling for both plastic and aluminum tubes. The machine has a filling volume of 5ml to 200ml.

As an OEM factory, we also customize the machines to meet client specifications. We offer field installations and training to ensure that the machine is handled well and will work to its full potential. We also offer after sales service and a one-year warranty for all of our machines.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Applications

The automated tube filling and sealing machine can fill and seal various liquid products such as gels, greases, glues, lotions, creams, and pastes for multiple industries. This machine is an excellent choice with a high degree of automation and consistently reliable performance. Controlling all of its pneumatic components is accomplished by pneumatic control engineering approaches. It is capable of automatically performing tube feeding, cleaning, filling, folding, and sealing operations, making it ideal for filling liquid products with a volume of less than 400ml. The versatility of this equipment to fill both metal and plastic tubes is its most distinctive feature.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Four Product Features

The automated tube filling and sealing machine is classified into four different product features. First and foremost, the design is compact, and the tube feed is automatic. The driving portion or operational area comes with a clean and efficient design. Secondly, the product production is controlled by a completely automated control system, which includes tube cleaning and feeding, marking identification, filling, folding, sealing, code printing, and finishing. Third, tube cleaning and feeding are carried out pneumatically, with pinpoint accuracy and dependability. Fourth, stainless steel is utilized for the contact components and machine's body, ensuring food contact components meet GMP standards.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Key Features

The automated tube filling and sealing machine has the following key features and essential attributes; convenient and compact structure, fully enclosed drive parts, tube washing and feeding using pneumatics in conjunction with comprehensive temperature control and cooling system, along with easy-to-use controls. The machine consists of stainless steel contact parts that comply with GMP requirements and operate with a safety interlock that automatically shuts down when the door is opened, providing overload protection. The whole working process, from tube loading to end product output, is fully automated and very efficient. Furthermore, it has automatic orientation through a photoelectric induction system.





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