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Shampoo and Detergent Filling Machine

Makwell Shampoo and Detergent Filling Machine widely used in daily chemical, detergent, shampoo, grease and other industries, can fill different liquid products.

It has compact and reasonable design, concise and beautiful appearance, and convenient filling adjustment.

The machine has multiple filling heads, driven by multiple cylinders, filling materials more quickly and accurately.

The aerodynamic components of FESTO, AirTac and the electronic control components of Taida have stable performance.

The material contact parts are made of 316L/304 stainless steel.

Use Korean Eye Device, Taiwan PLC, Touch Screen, Frequency Converter and French Electrical Components.

Easy to adjust, no bottle without filling, accurate filling quantity and counting function.

Use anti-drip and material filament filling head, anti-foam filling lifting system, positioning system to ensure the location of bottle mouth and liquid level control system.

Makwell is Professional Shampoo and Detergent Filling Machine manufacturer and exporter, We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Shampoo filling and detergent filling needs.

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Shampoo Filling Machine Advantages

The shampoo packaging line, equipped with an automatic, all-in-one filling machine, is a fully automated manufacturing sequence that packages and seals boxes. For low viscosity liquid bottle containers with a capacity of less than 1000ml, the 50 to 1000ml shampoo packaging machine is the most appropriate option. This efficient bottle packaging equipment is adaptable to load low-viscosity liquids, including cleaners, detergents, liquid soaps, and other low viscous liquids, into bottles and apply caps to the bottles after filling them with liquid. The equipment aims to be small and multifunctional with an S.S. Slat conveyor and S.S. matte body. It also has a No Container No Filling mechanism, a self-centering reciprocating filling nozzle, an adjustable AC frequency drive, and a pneumatic bottle stopper.

Shampoo Filling Machine System

Two primary systems comprise the shampoo filling machine system, namely, Rinsing System and Filling System. In the rinsing system, the equipment has an innovative overturned bottle clasp that is sanitary and long-lasting. The clamp holds the bottle at the neck, preventing the rubber gripper block from contaminating the bottle mouth threads. In the filling system, a star wheel can snip the bottleneck. It is unnecessary to change the equipment height when altering the bottle form since the diameters vary minimally. Stainless steel is the standard for all rotating disks. The large planar-toothed bearings may help assure the machine's stability, and adjustable filling is achievable with an electronic liquid level filling valve. Using the CIP cleaning procedure, an automated washing cup may clean the filling valve in a circular motion. Furthermore, the system incorporates a bottle lifting mechanism inside the filling valve while cutters clip the bottleneck.

Shampoo Filling Machine Advance Structure

Shampoo filling machines must have a sophisticated design or structural configuration. The equipment is adaptable to filling containers of various sizes and can adjust the filling sizes quickly. The constantly shifting filling circle translates into a high functionality, while a short filling circle produces a high output capacity. The user may adjust the volume and number of filling heads to suit their needs. The colored touch screen operation can show the current status of production, operating processes, filling methods, and the tableau goal, simplifying maintenance and operation. Finally, each filling head has a bottle mouth clamping gear to target the injected substance appropriately.

More Product Details

Do you know what type of filling machine is best for your shampoo and detergent products?

It’s common for different types of filling equipment to be used more in many industries, like automatic fillers for solutions on shampoo and detergent products, because they provide accurate fill levels.

Taking a look at shampoo filling machines in the personal care industry, particularly shampoos, has a lot of benefits, like speeding up production and cutting costs. Most importantly, these machines give the best results and generate revenue for your company.

When choosing shampoo filling machines, always think about the characteristics of your product. This will make finding the suitable filler easy, which will help you reach your goals.

We’ve listed your shampoo and detergent products’ characteristics below, other factors to consider when choosing filler, and the type of filler you may use with your filling machine.

1.Thick and Thin Viscosity

Personal care products have a range of viscosities, from very thin detergent to very thick shampoo. If your product is light to medium viscosus, you may use the overflow filler.

For thicker products, a pump filler would be a good option. Filler choice will depend on the properties of the detergent or shampoo you are going to use.

2. Product Foaming

Some detergents and shampoos make bubbles when they’re filled in containers, which can make filling production messy. There are several ways to make sure foam does not cause inconsistent fill. An overflow filler works well against foam because of its unique nozzles and how the product moves back and forth through the machine.

Also, thicker products may require bottom-up filling, an anti-foaming nozzle attachment, or other ways to keep the product from foaming. How to stop the foam will depend on what kind of detergent or shampoo you are using.

3. Added Fine Particles

Fine particles are now added to many products to make them more scrubbing and cleansing. Most of the time, when these small particles are present, pump and piston fillers come to mind as the best way to deal with them.

Overflow filling machines can also handle fine particles to a certain point. It is still possible to fill gritty products using an overflow filler as long as the machine can handle the viscosity. The right equipment will depend on the amount of particles are in the product you want to fill.

4. Cap types

In addition to product characteristics, cap types also play an important role in choosing a shampoo filling machine. A cap type has nothing to do with the product but the packaging and capping device. You may use flat screw-on caps, pump top caps, or simply flip-top caps.

In most cases, these cap types will screw onto the container they are being used with, but some of them don’t work that way. Chuck capping machines and spindle cappers seal most of the product containers sold in stores. While some custom placement or inserting of parts may be required to get a good seal with pump tops and other lids.

An automated  shampoo filling machine  is the best solution to your filling needs, along with a suitable filler. Remember to evaluate the characteristics of each product to find the best filling solution. Learn more about filling machines and services we provide by getting in touch with our expert team!

What are MAKWELL shampoo filling solutions?

MAKWELL shampoo filling machines are made to fill the needs of the cosmetic shampoo industry. We offer various shampoo packaging designs that you can use to fill quickly and accurately without dripping, spilling, or different caps and labels.

The shampoo is a thick substance. Shampoos are sticky, while others are free-flowing thick liquids. Other shampoos run in lumps, and others leave threads. When the temperature changes, the viscosity may change as well. Knowing the product’s particular characteristics is important to find the ideal solution.

You may pack shampoos into many shaped pets, bottles, and containers. The most popular packaging style is cylindrical bottles with a flip-off top. Oval, flat, and curved bottles are also available, as well as different types of closures.

Bottles are labeled with various conventional and transparent stickers and marked with a sticker application that prints batch codes. Labels may be applied as circle wrap, double-sided, four-sided, topside, or holographic.

We have a complete packaging shampoo line, and we also have a single machine for filling, capping, and labeling that you can use on your shampoo filling needs.

The complete shampoo packaging line includes;

  • Turntable
  • Filling Machine
  • Capping Machine
  • Induction Sealing Machine
  • Labeling Machine
  • Packing Conveyor
  • Bundle Packing Machine

You may use some or all of the machines to make a complete shampoo line equipment.

MAKWELL Shampoo Filling System  

Automatic Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine
Heads/syringes Counts
2 with 20 to 40 production rate
4 with 40 to 60 production rate
6 with 60 to 80 production rate
8 with 80 to 100 production rate
12 with 100 to 120 production rate

Bottle Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size and consistency of the material.

Fill Size
5ml to 1000ml

Automatic Electronic Filling /Viscous Filling Machine
Head Counts
2 with 20 to 30 production rate
4 with 30 to 40 production rate
6 with 40 to 50 production rate
8 with 50 to 60 production rate

Bottle Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size and consistency of the material.

Fill Sizes
5ml to 2.5L
50ml to 5L


Digital Filling Machine – Semi-Automatic Single Head
Heads/syringes Counts
1 with 6 to 12 production rate

Bottle Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size, consistency of the material, and operator skill.

Fill Sizes
5ml to 1L
100ml to 2.5L

Semi-Automatic Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine
Heads/syringes Counts
2 with 12 to 40 production rate
Bottle Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size, consistency of the material, and operator skill.
Fill Size
5ml to 1000ml

Semi-Automatic Electronic Filling Machine / Viscous Filling Machine
Heads Counts
1 with 8 to 12 production rate
2 with 16 to 20 production rate

Bottle Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size, consistency of the material, and operator skill.

Fill Sizes
5ml to 1L
100ml to 2.5L

Semi-Automatic Bulk Filling Machine
Heads/syringes Counts
1 with 1 to 2 production rate

Container Per Min
Varies depending on the bottle size, consistency of the material, and operator skill.

Fill Sizes
5L to 50L

Sealing System
Automatic Capping Machine
Semi-Automatic Capping Machine
Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Labeling System
Automatic Self Adhesive Round Wrap Sticker Labeling Machine/Top Labeling
Automatic Self Adhesive Double Side Labelling Machine
Automatic Wet Glue Labelling Machine
Semi-Automatic Sticker /Gum Labelling Machine
Shrink Sleeve Labelling





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