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Makwell Paint Filling Machine is mainly used for the filling and capping of the paint barrel. According to the size of the paint barrel, the filling method is chosen: weighing or piston. Filling capacity can be divided into 1L-30L and 30L-200L.

Makwell is Professional Paint Filling Machine Manufacturer and exporter In China, We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your paint filling needs.

Machines we can supply include:

Aerosol Paint Filling Machine
Glue Paint Filling Sealing Machine
Paint Filling machine Line

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MAKWELL Paint Filling Machine

MAKWELL paint filling machines flexibly adapt to changing paint industry needs. We make the best filling machines to meet your production goals and fill your paint barrels. We know how important it is to be precise and quick when filling and packing paint into all sizes of containers. An accurate filling technique will eliminate spills and drips, preventing product waste. An operation that involves a high volume of paint filling demands speed and efficiency. Our paint filling machine is capable of meeting both requirements, providing the machine-controlled speed and efficiency necessary to any paint filling application.

MAKWELL Paint Filling Machine Advantages

MAKWELLpaint filling machine offers advantages to the paint industry. Because paints have a very high viscosity, excellent filling machinery is essential. A weight-based filling is a good option for filling bulk quantities with consistent weights per container. Gravity allows them to fill a precise amount of paint and stop once reaching the specified weight. Our paint filling machines are suitable for different sizes and types of barrels or containers with any paint filling line. The units we make for paint filling machines are top-of-the-line and last for many years.

MAKWELL Paint Filling Machine Features

MAKWELL paint filling machines can fulfill most paint filling specifications, offering two different lines for different size requirements. The paint filling capacity ranges from 1L-30L to 30L-200L. We provide types of filling machines within these divisions. Our paint packing machines have the following features: Lid and cap options, weight-based filling for optimal accuracy, and compact designs for limited space. Fill, cap, and label all in one monobloc machine. Additionally, the machine is built with explosive-resistant materials to ensure maximum safety. The use of small tanks and flow control ensures consistency. We offer these features for fully automatic and semi-automatic paint filling machines.

What are the different types of methods used in the paint filling process?


With the high labor costs, high precision requirements, and the need to finish as quickly as possible, the paint filling process is very important to the line’s overall efficiency of paint filling machines.


If you’re in the market for a paint filling machine or something similar, keep in mind that there are a lot of different options available that may be customized to meet the unique requirements of each customer and product.


The methods for filling in paint are broken down into the following groups based on the kind of dosing that is used:

1 Gravimetric Filling
2 Volumetric Filling

Also, depending on the features of the production facility, the equipment may be more or less automated. Increasing the amount of automation in the filling process is usually best for companies with a high level of manufacturing output.


Here are the different types of fillings.

Gravimetric Filling

Gravimetric filling equipment requires weighing machines to manage the weight of the product being loaded into the container. Filling control is done with the help of a scale, which tells the dosing unit how much product to put into the container, as needed. When cans, pails, drums, and other containers are sold by weight, the gravimetric system is used to fill them with the right amount of product. This system is excellent at controlling how much of the product is filled.


If you want to sell a product by weight on the market, you need to make sure that the weighing equipment you use is legally approved.


Gravimetric Filling Method Advantages

Gravimetric equipment is commonly used to fill paint when products are sold by weight. Whether fully automated or semi-automatic, all gravimetric filling machines have a digital display that makes it easy to keep track of weight.


The gravimetric system can fill products with high, medium, and low viscosity. It has a simple procedure and may be cleaned in a short amount of time. Abrasive product filling is possible with this low-maintenance equipment. It is also important to think about how much wear the parts of the machine that come into contact with products and other elements have.


Volumetric Filling

Each of the volumetric filling units has a valve that monitors the amount of paint poured into the container, and this valve controls the filling process. They are mostly used for the purpose of filling containers such as pails and cans.


A volumetric filling solution has been used in a lot of industrial projects where the paint needs to be filled. This is because of how quickly it fills and how accurate it fills. It has become more accurate to use volumetric filling units because new precision dosing units, which can be quickly changed to fit the product being packed, have been used.


The volumetric filling method is mostly used in medium and large-volume industries.


Volumetric Filling Advantages

Compared to gravimetric filling, the key advantage of the volumetric system in the paint filling machines is that it is faster, allowing for a faster pace of production throughout the manufacturing process.






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