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Mayonnaise Machine

Depending on the execution, the Mayonnaise Making Machine can also be used to make other dressings, such as tomato sauce and ketchup. Through this machine, the mayonnaise or other dressings will have a better texture and smoother appearance. It promotes efficient production as all the products will have better quality, including the taste.

Product Specifications

• Capacity: 5L, 10L, 15L, 25L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L, 350L, 500L, 650L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L

• Voltage: 220V/50HZ/1PHASE, 110V/50HZ/1PHASE,380V/50HZ/3PHASE, 440V/50HZ/3PHASE

• Stirrer type: homogenizer(high speed stirrer), sweep wall stirrer( Lower speed stirrer)

• Single-wall/heating jacket needs; Sheathed in stainless steel.

• Magnetic-coupled top- or bottom-entering mixer

• Vessel design—stationary or portable; Atmospheric or pressurized

• Standards for a Pharmaceutical or Food-Safe Coating

• Complete mayo production line; Preparation, Mixing up to Filling

• Certificate: CE

• Warranty: one year

• After-sale service: Field installation, commissioning and training

The machine we manufacture takes advantage of parts made by leading brands, which makes it reliable and durable. It can be used for standard applications, such as mixing, homogenizing, and dispersing. With its simple design, it promotes smooth operation and can be cleaned and maintained easily.

MAKWELL Mayonnaise Making Machine Advantages

MAKWELL Mayonnaise Machine is the key to your success in making mayonnaise. We offer two significant types of mayonnaise machines, both of which you will find highly beneficial. Our mayonnaise making mixer machine is ready to provide you with perfect, silky smooth mayonnaise that can compete with the best. Mayonnaise mixer machine with a high-speed emulsifying homogenizer and external loop device, pneumatic valve control automatically, the final product is of excellent quality and tastes great. Mayonnaise filling machines can fill a variety of high-viscosity products such as sauce, honey, paste, and so on. The speed may be adjusted to match the demands of each production.

Our mayonnaise making machine features enhance your manufacturing process.
1.For speed adjustment, the advanced frequency converter can handle different technology requirements.
2.Vacuum defoaming can be used to keep materials aseptic. The mayonnaise machine does mechanical sealing, has a good sealing effect, and lasts a long time;
3.dust is avoided by using vacuum material sucking, particularly powder materials. The body of the tank and the pipes are polished to a mirror finish, which meets all of the standards set by the GMP.
4.All material contact parts are stainless, and heating methods include electricity and steam and optional PLC touch screen control. Emulsifying pot lids can be lifted hydraulically and are easy to clean. And tilt discharge is possible with emulsifying pots.

Our mayonnaise machine can make a smooth, even emulsion with excellent product properties. The whole mixing system makes a tight loop, stopping air from getting into the system; this prevents blade damage. Save costs on production, and keep your product consistent and stable across batches.





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