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Jam and Sauce Filling Machine

Makwell Jam and Sauce Filling Machine controlled by PLC and electronic optical fiber sensor, controlled by computer touch screen, no bottle no filling.

It can record the output of one day to one month. This equipment is mainly used for filling paste sauce., jam, chili sauce, beef sauce, chicken sauce, soybean sauce, tomato sauce, etc.

The surface and material contact surface of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel without drip leakage. Easy to clean. No dead corner, fully in line with the national pharmaceutical industry GMP standard requirements.

Equipment features:

After filling, there is no residue on the surface of bottles, which ensures that the surface of bottles and equipment is clean and sanitary, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, stable to use, high automation intensity.

Makwell is Professional Jam and Sauce Filling Machine Manufacturer and exporter In China, We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Jam filling and Sauce filling needs.

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Jam and Sauce Filling Machine Advantages

A liquid filling machine is a proper machine to fill alimentary products. With MAKWELL's jam and sauce filling machine, capping and labeling equipment, along conveyors, you can fill and pack jams and sauces, as well as a wide range of other denser liquids. Our machines can handle anything from liquids with a high viscosity to low viscosity water-thin liquids. The jam and sauce filling machine have digital displays and a touch screen to set the volume and high-precision TBI screws for added accuracy. The machine features a filling phase of low-speed filler for the bottom and mouth and a high-speed fill for the middle part, preventing foam bubbling and spilling.

Jam and Sauce Filling Machine Working Principal

The MAKWELL jam and sauce filling machine fill alimentary products. The machine handles its primary system with a servo motor, ensuring high precision and stability. Filling pistons move vertically, which significantly saves energy and lessens machine load. The PLC makes adjustments automatically so that users can make adjustments quickly and easily. A servo system design can fill layers on the surface, at the bottom, and in the bottleneck with fluids. By controlling the piston strokes precisely, the servo system delivers high precision in filling. With an adjusting mechanism, this piston provides exact positioning and performs the highest level of accuracy.

Jam and Sauce Filling Machine Complete Line

The thickness of sauces varies depending on their composition, so it is essential to use suitable packing machines in your production line. The capping device allows you to fit customized caps onto various bottles and jars after filling the liquid in the jam and sauce filling machine line. Keeping sauces in an airtight container will prevent leaks and spills while protecting them from contaminants. The labeler can create custom product labels with branding, product details, prints, etc. A conveyor system then to carry products at varying speeds throughout the packing and filling processes. Using an entire system of jam and sauce filling machines will give you consistent results over a long time.

What are the different sauce filling solutions MAKWELL can provide?

High Viscosity Piston Filler

For packing sauce, high-viscosity piston fillers are a common choice because they can handle any product viscosity, making them a good choice for sauce production. Piston fillers fill containers with sauces using a volumetric filling method. The filler is good at filling containers with thick liquids, can fill any container, whether a sachet or a glass bottle, and uses operator interfaces to work.

When you buy a piston filler machine, you need to think about how many nozzles the machine has. This will help you figure out how many bottles you can make in a day. If you want to make a lot of outputs in a day, you’ll need a machine that has adjustable nozzles.

Sauce Jar or Bottle Filling Machine
Sauce jar/bottle filling machines can be automatic or semi-automatic. In the automated sauce filling machines, a user operator places the containers on the conveyor belt and fills them as they move through the machine.

For semi-automatic, the containers have to be placed by hand. Containers are placed on the conveyor belt based on the machine’s number of nozzles. The sensor then picks up on this, and the filling-up process starts. Additionally, certain machines let you select a custom fill setting time. New batches are put on the conveyor after the bottles have been filled. This keeps the process going.

Picking up full containers after each cycle on a semi-automatic machine. While automatic machinery will replace full containers with empty ones automatically.

Sauce Pouch Filling Machine
Automatic sauce pouch filling machines can automatically package sauce into pre-made sachets. This machine has a computer control system and does all the work for you. Fill the pouch with a liquid of your choice and pass it along to the conveyor belt.

Using a pouch packaging machine to fill sauce pouches involves:
1.A robot arm picks up the sauce pouches and puts them onto a conveyor belt.
2.Then opens the pouch’s mouth.
3.An exact amount of the product is put into the pre-made pouch that is placed under the hopper.
4.To seal the mouth of the pouch, a high temperature is applied, and then the pouch is cooled.
5.After each cycle, the filled pouches are replaced with empty ones.

  • Sauce Pouch Packing Machine
    Sauce pouches are made of paper or plastic, and the edges are sealed. One side of the pouch is left open so that you can fill it with sauce.
  • Pouch packaging machines fill pre-made pouches.
  • Because no pouches need to be made, pouch packaging machines are more efficient.
  • The pouch packaging machine can be made to be small and easy to move around.
  • MAKWELL offers the following equipment that can help you with your capping, sealing, and labeling needs:
  • Sauce Capping Machine
  • Can Sealing/Seaming Machine
  • Sauce Labeling Machine

Regardless of the sauce filling need, we are more than capable of meeting it. Fill your sauces into jars, cans, pouches, plastic, and glass bottles with us!




What Makes Full Automatic Jam and Sauce Filling Machine the Best Solution for Sauce Filling?

Automatic linear piston filling machines are exceptionally versatile piston fillers capable of correctly and quickly filling a broad range of goods ranging from low viscosity liquids to high viscosity paste or cream, with or without chunks or particles, in a variety of sizes and shapes. This sauce filling machine is widely used in the food sector and other industries.


The automated linear piston filler is meant to be used for inline dispensing of jams and sauces in a number of different positions. The dual-lane option, which comes with 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 nozzles, allows for a 100% increase in output while still keeping important line space.


The frame and pistons of the linear piston liquid filling machine are made of 304 stainless steel. A touch screen human-machine interface (HMI) and a PLC control system make it easy to get reliable, repeatable control without a lot of work from the operator. Measuring cylinders with precision bores and thick walls distribute products with +/- 0.2 percent accuracy. Anodized aluminum parts, food-grade stainless steel and plastics, and a high-precision servo motor that moves the screws faster and more accurately than a pneumatic system. In addition, using a motorized conveyor and indexing system to handle integrated containers and placement has a lot of other functions and advantages.


No container, no fill system alerts the operator when a container is lost or misplaced, which helps avoid waste and product spills. Filling hard products or filling top-off applications requires precise “no-spill” control, which can be provided by an actuator with variable, independent speed control and a two-stage filling mechanism.


Before the piston filler, empty bottles are placed on the main drive conveyor. For accuracy reasons, optical sensors count each bottle before it is placed in the filler. The pneumatically powered bottle clamping system holds the bottles in place after being placed. This ensures that the bottles are exactly where they need to be under each filling head, which reduces the risk of under-or over-filling.


When the filling process starts, a set of stainless steel valves is lowered into the bottles to ensure that the bottles are filled quickly, accurately, and consistently. The out-gate cylinder retracts from its position when the desired volume has been reached. This allows the filled bottles to move down the conveyor for the sealing process to take place.


Automatic Sauce Filling Machine Key Features;

  • It’s made of stainless steel that’s strong enough to last a long time.
  • Reservoir made of stainless steel.
  • A kit with a bottle counter and an automatic bottling index.
  • In and out pneumatic indexing gates.
  • A float system that automatically monitors product levels.
  • Easy-to-adjust nozzle heights allow for use with vials all the way up to gallons.
  • PLC controllers with a touch screen HMI are easy to use.
  • Quick connect fittings in stainless steel that are easy to clean.
  • “No bottle, No fill” system sensor.
  • Foam-reducing diving heads with nozzles for bottom-up filling.
  • Jam-delay sensor.
  • Drip Tray
  • Capable of supplying multiple doses in large containers.
  • Small opening neck grabbers.





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