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Filling Machine

The Filling Machine is used to fill bottles, cans, cartons, bags, and pouches with powders or liquids. This equipment is useful in the packaging process in a variety of industries, such as cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and beverage.

Product Specifications

Packaging type: cartons, cans, bottles, barrel, stand-up pouch, bags, pouch,
Driven type: electric and pneumatic
Certificate: CE
Warranty: one year
After-sale service: field installation, commissioning and training

This type of machine is electric and pneumatic, making it ideal for bulk filling requirements, which saves time and effort and makes the packaging process efficient.

As a factory, we can customize the filling machine according to various formats and specifications, such as the speed, bottle type, and the volume to meet the different requirements of clients.

Cosmetic Filling and Capping Machine

This machine is mainly used in cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical), pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It's suitable for a variety of bottle types, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and other packaging containers. It can be filled with materials such as cream, ointment, face cream, gel or fluid of other viscosity, and then automatic cap and automatic screw capping.

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Shampoo and Detergent Filling Machine

This machine widely used in daily chemical, detergent, shampoo, grease and other industries, can fill different liquid products. It has compact and reasonable design, concise and beautiful appearance, and convenient filling adjustment.

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Jam and Sauce Filling Machine

This machine controlled by PLC and electronic optical fiber sensor, controlled by computer touch screen, no bottle no filling. It can record the output of one day to one month. This equipment is mainly used for filling paste sauce., jam, chili sauce, beef sauce, chicken sauce, soybean sauce, tomato sauce, etc. The surface and material contact surface of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel without drip leakage. Easy to clean. No dead corner, fully in line with the national pharmaceutical industry GMP standard requirements.

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Pharmacetical Filling Machine

This machine is a high-tech product researched and developed by our company. It is suitable for products of liquid such as oral, eyedrops, and other pharmacy liquid.

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E-Liquid Filling Machine

The operation of this machine is stable, simple and safe. It is usually used to fill small (round, square) bottles, especially used to fill e-liquid, e-juice, and other small dose products. The material of main parts is 304 stainless steel, meeting GMP requirement.

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Paint Filling Machine

This machine is mainly used for the filling and capping of the paint barrel. According to the size of the paint barrel, the filling method is chosen: weighing or piston. Filling capacity can be divided into 1L-30L and 30L-200L.

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