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Air Freshener Card Machine

The Air Freshener Card Machine is a high-speed automatic equipment specifically designed for the fast and efficient production of paper cards, hang tags, and air fresheners. The parts of the machine are from leading brands, which makes it stable and easy to operate. It is electrically-drive and pneumatic based, making the right solution for a fast and smooth production process.

Product Specifications

Packaging type: air fresheners card, paper card, car perfume card
Driven type: electric and pneumatic
Certificate: CE
Warranty: one year
After-sale service: field installation, commissioning and training

This application is primarily for cosmetic businesses. The machine can be customized according to client specifications. We also offer field installations to ensure that the machine will work to its full capacity by sending our team of engineers to our clients’ factories. Our engineers will also provide training so clients can operate the machine effectively.

The machine we manufacture comes with a one-year warranty and we also provide after-sales services to keep the machines working for a very long time.

Air Freshener Card Machine

Air freshener card machine is high-speed automated equipment that is mainly developed for the manufacturing of paper cards, hang tags, and air fresheners in a timely and cost-effective manner. Cotton, gold, silver, nylon cords, as well as other elastic and non-elastic cords, are all processed using this machine using cold cutting techniques. It does everything in one pass: from holing, threading, knotting, to counting. It can be operated either by a PLC or by pressing a button on the control panel- High-performance equipment that is safe and simple to run. This machine's production is precise, consistent, and of high quality.

Air Freshener Card Machine Specifications

Air freshener card machine is high-capacity automated equipment designed to efficiently produce hang tags, paper cards, and air fresheners.

Depending on the frequency, a 750-watt motor drives the unit at 380V or 220V, 50HZ/60HZ. The machine weighs up to 550kgs with the dimension of 1300x1000x1300mm.

Moreover, it can process materials with 30x35mm to 95x150mm tag size, 230mm tag height, 0.3 to 1.2mm string diameter, 160 to 400mm string length, tag hole diameter with 3mm to 5mm with changeable mold, 15 to 18mm knot length, and tags with a thickness of 150-700g- producing up to 3000 and 3500 outputs per hour.


Air Freshener Card Machine Applications

Air freshener card machine is a high-production automated machine for effectively producing hang tags, paper cards, and air fresheners. The machine is entirely made of high-quality components, contributing to its stability and ease of use.

It is also electrically powered and pneumatically operated, making it an ideal solution for a quick and efficient manufacturing process. In addition to cosmetics, this application is used widely in the clothing, electrical, food industries as well as other fields.

Utilizing simultaneous punching, threading, knotting, and counting- threads elastic cords of all types. Furthermore, twisted or inflexible cords may be threaded using simple troubleshooting techniques.





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