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In the paint filling machine, the level of automation in a facility might determine how much of a custom fit an industrial paint filler is. For low to medium-volume production runs, semi-automatic filling equipment is the norm across all factories. For larger and medium-sized quantities, more automated machinery is in use.

The following traits describe the automation that stands out in the paint and coating-filling processes:

Automation of all operational parameters, including but not limited to filling amount or weight, dosing rate, transport rate, container quality check, and the rejection of faulty containers. ☞ Particularly on high-output volumetric filling equipment, the potential for full
y- automatic container-format changes
​​​Automating cleaning systems for hoppers and dosing units is particularly in demand for volumetric filling devices.

Paint Filling Machine Additional Devices for Automating Paint Filling Process

Let’s have a look at some of the extras that may be introduced to the filling process to help automate it completely.

Pail Denester

Containers come in many shapes and sizes in the paint business. Production demands and market demand inform the choice of material (metal or plastic), shape (cylinder, conical, oval, rectangular, etc.), handle, label, and closure type ( plug, thread).

The container dispenser is an add-on that may apply in conjunction with existing volumetric paint filling machine for mass manufacturing. As the name suggests, the chosen container is fed into the automatic filling line. The control panel of specific dispensers allows for an auto atic format adjustment to accommodate containers that are provided in a stacked fashion (conical, oval, or rectangular). By streamlining the filling process in this manner, we are able to save a lot of time during production that would otherwise be spent adapting to various containers types and sizes.

Depalletizer equipment is available for depalletizing containers in order to feed high-output filling machines, allowing for enhanced process automation in circumstances when containers are not stackable but provided in layers on pallets.

Paint Filling Machine Additional Devices for Automating Paint Filling Process

Lid Dispenser

Different varieties of lids are available on the market for each type of container depending on their form (square, round, oval, etc.), substance (plastic or metal), and whether or not they may be stacked.

The lid dispenser in an automatic filling line must be flexible enough to meet the requirements of the production process. We have solutions for high-volume assembly lines as well as automated filling systems.

Container Conveyor

The container conveyor system is a crucial consideration when selecting filling machines for paints or similar product materials. These are typically single- or double-pass, with special equipment having the ability to choose one method over another based on the properties of the packed product and the desired level of output.

Double-pass drag conveyors improve the filling rate depending on the kind of container.

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