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A jam filling line fills and packs thick liquid commercial products, such as sauce, tomato sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, jam, peanut butter, honey, seasoning sauce, paste, and so on. It includes a jam filling machine, a rinsing/ washing machine, a tunnel sterilizing machine, a labeling machine, and a packing machine.

When packaging jam or marmalade, the two most important factors a jam filling line must have are how easy it is to use and how easy it is to keep clean. Food products, especially those with much sugar, need extra care when storing. The equipment must also be well-made and robust. If you need machines to process jam or marmalade in plastic or glass jars, you don’t have to look any further than ours. Even if your jams contain chunks of fruit or have to be at a higher temperature type of filling, our bottling equipment can handle it.

Jam Container Types

Glass wide-mouth bottles, plastic squeeze bottles, and Boston round bottles (usually lug caps) are now the most common types of jam packaging.

Jam Filling Line

Rinsing/Washing Machine

To prevent food contamination while manufacturing liquid food products, it is crucial to have equipment for cleaning containers. Before filling, rinsing machines can clear dust and dirt from jars and other containers. This lowers the likelihood of producing tainted items or decreasing a batch’s shelf life . There are several devices that can rinse containers with clean air, water, or another cleaning solution.


Jam Filling Machine

Like peanut butter, the jam has a high viscosity, so it’s best to use a piston-filling machine or a rotary lobe pump-filling machine.

Pump filling machines or piston fillers can easily fill containers with jams, jellies, and other similar products. They work better with thicker goods, which include bits of fruit or other particles like seeds. Highly thick jams may not be able to pass through a filling machine. In these situations, it is possible to heat the jam to produce a more liquid, less viscous product that may be processed through the machinery. To guarantee that the product flows evenly and that the fill can be consistent and reliable, the whole product pathway—from the supply tank through the tubes and down to the fill nozzles—must be maintained at a constant temperature.

Adding particles like strawberry seeds, pieces, apricot pits, and apple cores to products like jam and jelly can also be problematic. When delivering to the filling machine, the particles may tend to fall to the bottom of the product supply tank. Even after this settling, containers might still be full, but they won’t contain the intended contents. A filling machine may extract both the product and the particle matter from a supply tank if there is an agitator to continuously stir the product materials and prevent the particulate from settling. Moreover, because they are food, they may have a shorter shelf life and hence need sanitary packaging. 

This automatic jam filling machine is a piton-type filler that specializes in filling thick substances like jam, jelly, honey, syrup, ketchup, peanut butter, salad dressing, and so on. By changing the position of the pump, it is possible to fill all the bottles in one filling machine quickly and accurately. Automatic filling machines are a newer version of packaging machine that is made using the most advanced technology to meet market needs. It uses a SU304L/316L volumetric piston pump, has a low plant cover , and meets the GMP requirements. Our filling solutions widely apply to package sticky and thick sauces or liquid product materials in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, and many other industries. 

This jam rotor pump filling machine is fully automatic and can easily handle various container sizes, filling volumes, and product types. Even though it initially fills creams, gels, and lotions, the filler can also work with both thin and thick materials. This equipment can efficiently fill cosmetic creams, thick viscous sauces, honey, shampoos and conditioners, gels, creams, and waxes.

Capping Machines and Cooling Conveyors

The following equipment commonly caps jam jars and bottles. Choosing a capping device must depend on the size, capping technique, and cap shape.

After filling the containers with jams and jellies, these containers are ready for capping, labeling, and packaging. But if the fill needs heat to speed up the flow of the product, it may be wise to install a cooling conveyor between the filling machine and the capping device. 

A cooling conveyor may be a basic long conveyor or a complex spiral conveyor with many levels. By letting the product cool down before sending it to the capping machine, these lines may guarantee that the bottles will have safe and tight cappings—no need to worry about product or container damage after capping a hot product. Aside from this, spindle cappers, chuck cappers, or even snap capping machines may cap containers of jam bottles.

Labeling Machines

Machines for labeling jam jars and bottles are often according to the following conditions: container form, container size, and label size.

Labeling equipment for jams and jellies, like capping machines, will most likely not need any particular adjustments. Labeling devices may attach labels to the front of jars, the front and rear of containers, wrapped around containers, or any of your choice. Basically, the only issue is when the products are hot. Containers must pass through chilling before attaching the label to prevent creases or label peeling.

As with any other product, using automatic technology to package jams and jellies can present its own set of challenges. By choosing the right packaging equipment for the unique qualities of these items, these problems are easy to fix in no time. 

Bottle Unscrambler Rotary Turntable ( Optional/Additional Device)

This bottle unscrambler is a worktable that moves and lets you adjust the frequency. It uses a buffer platform at an assembly line to shorten the length of the conveyor. The speed and range of the bottles are easily adjustable—an excellent addition to the jam filling line.



As a filling machine and packaging equipment manufacturer, we proudly offer you the most advanced automated jam filling line today! We have everything you need to get your jam-bottling factory up and running. We design and build them to bottle 30 to 50 containers every minute! Do you know what you need to do? Start your project right now by filling out the form!




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