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Mayonnaise Machine Progress Flow

Tilting Cooking Kettle 
Cooking Kettle with Agitator & High Shear mixer with VFD panel
❸ Transfer Pumps
❹ Inline Homogenizer
❺ Holding Silo with Jacketed and Agitator (Cooling Water Flow)
❻ Pneumatic Single Head Mayonnaise Filling Machine ❼
Band Sealer
❽ Hot Code Printing System
❾ Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Inline Mayonnaise Machine

Tilting Cooking Kettle

The Kettle is Two-THIRDS JACKETED To PROVIDE Even Heat Dispersion. The Mayonnaise Making Machine has a scraper that stays attache. Box-motor attachment drifts a teflon scraper, which scrapes the inside of the key. Jackets have a pressure gauge, safety valve, and steam trap. Stainless steel jacket and pan manufactured to 10/10 standard weight gauge.

Cooking Kettle Tilt

Cooking Kettle with Agitator and High Shear Mixer with VFD Panel

This jacketed kettle comprises SS304 and SS316L materials and can range in size from 50L to 1000L. Users have the option of choosing a stirring speed, such as 36r/min, that best suits their requirements. You may choose between an open top, a cover , a flat top, or a vacuum top for this kettle. Also, the heat source may include steam, electricity, gas, or electromagnetic radiation. Alternate between a vertical mixer and a tilting mixer, with or without stirring, to get the desired results . Either an anchor stirring paddle or a bottom scraping paddle may serve as the stirring paddle.

Cooking Kettle with Agitator and High Shear Mixer with VFD

Cooking Kettle with Agitator Structure

•  The pot body and support feet are the key components of the Fixed Type.
  The tilting type is made up mostly of the pot body and the tilting frame.
  The pot body and the stirring mechanism are the critical parts of the Stirring Type.

Mayonnaise High-Shear Homogenizer Mixer, High-Shear Emulsifier Mixer

In the a mayonnaise machine, the maximum rotational speed for the high-shear mixer in a cooking kettle is 3000 rpm. With 0.4Mpa of air pressure, the lifting height is 900mm. This mayonnaise maker is portable, user-friendly, and reliable.

Transfer Pump

Typically, this pump pumps liquids with a viscosity in the low to medium range. In its most basic form, a screw pump consists of a single screw rotating inside a cylindrical cylinder, which forces the material to be pumped along the axis of the screw as it spins. The whole set of contact components is made of stainless steel. This pump comes complete with a suitable motor, pulley, and base frame.

Transfer Pumps

Inline Homogenizer

Excellent for bringing milk, ketchup, juice, and pulp to a uniform consistency. The mayonnaise machine homogenizer has a sturdy construction and stainless steel housing. The homogenizer’s chamber is constructed from a single piece of forged AISI 316 block and has stellite suction and discharge valves as well as a diaphragm-style pressure gauge. Models with a 20-60 MPa pressure range and 100-2000 LPH flow rates are readily accessible.

Inline Homogenizers 6-stage

Holding Silo with Jacketed and Agitator (Cooling Water flow)

This unit has a storage capacity of 500 liters/ 200 liters and a 2 HP agitator motor. It is made of Ss304 stainless steel and has a vertical tank orientation and shape. The thickness is 1.6 millimeters.

Holding Silo with Jacketed and Agitator for Cooling Water flow

Pneumatic Single Head Mayonnaise Filling Machine (Can be Customize)

The capacity of this single head mayonnaise filler can range from 500ML to 5000ML. It comprises stainless steel and SS 304/316 for the contact part sections. This mayonnaise machine filler can be automated semi-automatically or fully automatically. The filling rate is approximately 5 BPM, while The quantity of filling nozzles determines the rate of containers per hour.

Pneumatic Single Head Mayonnaise Filling Machines

Band Sealer

This continuous sealing device, also known as a band sealer for PP PVC foil bags, is primarily applicable for sealing the packaging of liquid and solid items. Aluminum foil bags and plastic bag band sealing are both appropriate uses. An automated plastic fi lm sealing machine can control various plastic films that apply to different packages. The length of the sealing is limitless. Both a printing wheel and an embossing wheel are available as options. The benefits of its ease of use and durability make it a good investment.

Band Sealer Sealing Machine

❽Hot Code Printing System

An automatic date coding machine is used to print on some types of packaging, labeling, and filling equipment, including particle packing machines and paper towel packing machines. It may print the date or batch number on 1-3 lines. The printing speed is adjustable from 20 to 120 times per minute. The single-row printing area may accommodate up to 15 kinds and has a maximum size of 4x35mm. The maximum size for a double row is 8x35mm, allowing for around 30 varieties. The full size for a double row is 12x35mm, allowing for around 45 types.

Hot Code Printing Systems

Air Compressor

This compressor is a screw air compressor type. It has a working pressure of 0.8 bar and 0.55 kW/0.75 hp of power. The 24l tank has a capacity of 60l/min, an 8bar/115psi pressure, and a piston-driven power source.

Air Compressor

Gas Fired Boiler NON IBR

This can handle 200 kg per hour. Both gas and oil may be used as the fuel type. Mild steel is the material, and the working pressure is 5 kg/cm2 (g). Price ranges for Non IBR Oil Fired Steam Boilers depend on their size and capability.

This machine has a longer operating duration, more efficient combustion, and requires less maintenance. Industrial uses for its high efficiency include the production of dyes, drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, paper and plywood, agro-based industries, rubber, and other processing industries.

Gas Fired Boiler NON IBR


This device has a capacity of 500 Liters per hour. RO is the purification variety. It comprises an FRP material, 4040 RO membrane variety, and industrial application. It is semi-automatic with a membrane count of 2 in Ro.


Cooling Tower 50 TR

The FRP tower material and a capacity of 50 TR give this cooling tower a lot of potentials. It has a three in the supply phase.

Cooling Tower 50 TR

Automatic Mayonnaise Filling Machine

This automatic mayonnaise filling machine excels in a number of key areas, including accuracy, speed, efficiency, and durability. The automatic mayonnaise filling machine is one of the best available on the market. This kind is manufactured using only high-quality compon ents and cutting -edge equipment, strictly adhering to established industry standards. In addition, the cost of the range is manageable.

Automatic Mayonnaise Filling Machine



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