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Today, using industrial emulsifier machines has become increasingly common. The fact is that it can provide you with a practical, economical way to handle substances that need mixing and emulsification. A vacuum emulsifier mixes liquids, solids, and powders in industrial applications. Depending on the needs of various industries, emulsifiers apply in many ways.


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An industrial emulsifier or vacuum emulsifier can shear, homogenize, emulsify, and stir materials. The emulsification tank uses a high-shear homogenizer and a lot of different ways to stir. The main parts of the emulsifying machine are the emulsification tank, water phase tank, oil phase tank, vacuum system, heating and temperature control system, and electrical control system. It has a flexible working head, an adjustable speed and frequency conversion system, and a temperature control system. These give you more options and flexibility in handling product materials.



A well-built vacuum emulsifier can mix and emulsify two or more oil and water phases more effectively than traditional stirring and mixing equipment. Our industrial emulsifier can meet all the needs of industrial emulsifying requirements. The operating system has the option of PLC control, which gives much freedom during production. The button control system is applicable only when needed, when the process is simple, which is better value for money.




  • Vacuum mixing environment.
  • When the lid opens, the liquid is poured into the top of the emulsification pot. With an easy-to-open lid, you can add ingredients, making feeding convenient.
  • The scraper on the frame stirring means that there is no dead angle. You may also regulate the frequency of the homogenizing shearing and the frame stirring.
  • A high-shear homogenizer powered by German technology homogenizes the mixture.
  • The emulsification pot’s inner, middle, and exterior layers are of stainless steel, separated into two opposing layers of space. Both the outer layer and the inner interlayer oil are heated and cooled.
  • To easily clean the inside of the pot, an electric lift is paired with a manual emptying of the pot body.
  • On the control panel, you can set the maximum and minimum temperatures, the amount of stirring and homogenization (speed control through uniform frequency conversion), and the time settings.
  • The pot’s lid has a light and a mirror for cleaning, making it easy to check the pot’s condition.


To meet your needs, we can create industrial emulsifier designs that are economical to operate and easy to maintain. We have divided our emulsifying mixers into several series in line with specific industry needs. In addition to the standard series, custom series are also available, giving you a wider range of options from which to choose. For more information, please get in touch with us!




  • User-friendly. Start the process using the control panel. Easily adjust and set functions like speed, temperature, and the lifting and lowering of the lid.
  • Material transport is possible through pipelines, with minimal material loss and environmental damage.
  • With a compact size, make your workspace more efficient and organized.
  • High manufacturing standards for safety. When machinery works quickly in a closed system, industrial accidents may be less likely to happen.
  • The mechanical transmission system is not close to where the operators work.
  • Maintenance tasks are simple.


Is the vacuum emulsifier efficient at mixing?


Our vacuum emulsifier has a full system that can do a number of emulsifying tasks. Efficiency is high when working with materials that need complex procedures. This is especially important when working with materials that are made in large batches, where efficiency is much needed.

In general, our vacuum emulsifier system applies in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal care, and chemical industries to perform industrial operations such as;

  • Emulsification
  • Homogenization
  • Consistent and even dispersion
  • Particle size shearing
  • Multiphase substance defoaming
  • Stirring


Our industrial emulsifier machine works by using the ultra-high-speed moving stator and rotor homogenizer. Agitator to shear, disperse, homogenize, emulsify, and mix the liquid materials that need mixing and stirring.


Standard Emulsification Mixer vs. Makwell Vacuum Emulsifier


Because a typical emulsification mixer is only used for one purpose, many other pieces of equipment are needed to finish the job. The steps in the process are heating, dissolving, stirring, homogenous emulsification, cooling, and getting rid of the foam. When these things come together, they often cause many problems. Materials are easily contaminated during multiple transfer processes, and materials are also lost. Traditional mixing tanks may not have enough mechanical kinetic energy and shear force, which can lead to large particles, uneven stirring and dispersion, bubbles, and an uneven texture, which makes it hard to guarantee quality.

Emulsification equipment greatly affects the quality of products in many different industries. So, you have to be careful when picking out emulsifier equipment. Our vacuum emulsifier uses German homogenization technology. It is a machine for mixing and stirring that has many different functions and is very well integrated. It can avoid the problems that come with traditional emulsification mixers. And finish the process of emulsifying and homogenizing high-end goods with high efficiency, cleanness, and low power use.

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hand sanitizer gel mixerhand sanitizer gel mixerhand sanitizer gel mixer

We are a manufacturing company specializing in designing, producing, and selling mixing, filling , and packaging equipment. We have highly skilled staff in the fields of fluid homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, mixing, and other mixing equipment. We also provide non-standard customization ranging from a single machine to an entire production system. Integrate sophisticated mixing and stirring technology continuously, focus on innovation, and supply our consumers with high-value-added solutions. The equipment is adaptable to your procedure and demands in the sectors of energy , chemical industry, food, biomedicine, and so on. Please contact us for additional information about vacuum emulsifiers!


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