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A Guide to Shampoo Filling Machine Set Up

Now, automatic filling machines play a big role in food, daily chemical, medicine, oil, and other industries. The market growth potential is huge, and the quality of the machines, especially the shampoo filling machine, helps the daily chemical industry grow quickly After buying a shampoo filling machine, you will still need to change and set up the speed and accuracy of filling to fit your shampoo production. As it turns out, the process is straightforward to follow. This  shampoo filling machine  needs setting up in the following ways:


◎ Loosen the nut on the shampoo filling machine and turn the screw to move the lower fixing rod. Then, the length of the push-pull part of the syringe is changed. To get sub-load-free conditioning, screw the conditioning clockwise for the increment. If you want to reduce the load instead, the next pointer has instructions for that.
◎ As you go, tighten the nuts so that the lower rod is firmly attached to the crank.
◎ Loosen the nut and use the different push-pull lengths of the syringe to figure out where the upper fixed rod is exactly. After adjusting the lower fixed rod, roll the crank to turn the syringe to the upper dead point. Next, lift the outer sleeve of the syringe about 2mm to avoid the broken needle tube. Finally, tighten the nut before starting the machine.
◎ When the machine is set up correctly and the switch is turned on, the machine pulls fluid from the pump by moving the syringe up and down. Adjust the speed knob to choose the right packing speed, start normal operation, and then adjust the Governor Knob . Packing in a clockwise direction is fast, and packing in a counterclockwise direction is slow.

In the past few years, our  shampoo filling machines semi-automatic  and automatic prove their reliability and efficiency. Our filling capping monoblock machine industry has also grown quickly. The technical level, the performance and quality of equipment, and many pro other factors have all im a lot. This has helped us and your businesses work more efficiently and safely.


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