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Things to do before you start an e-liquid filling machine.Before using your e-liquid filling machine, carefully check them so that you don’t make costly mistakes.

Here are some steps to follow before your startup:

  • Double-check all in-out electrical connections of the e-liquid filling machine. Loose connections might cause problems with the device, so make sure they’re all right.
  • Make sure the MCB is on.
  • Keep the air pressure at a steady level. The pneumatic unit’s pressure should be 5-6 bar.
  • Fill the product tank with the material you intend to use.
  • Make sure all the connections are safe and secure. The liquid should completely cover the suction pipes.

The E-liquid filling machine has two safety features and an alarm for added protection. Press STOP to stop the equipment if an alarm sounds. Upon removing the cause, the alarm will stop. Press the STOP button to deactivate it.
E-Liquid Filling Machine Advantages

Getting Your E-liquid Filling Machine Up and Running

  • Turn on the main electrical supply to start the e-liquid filling machine; This powers the control panel. Turn on the main switch to activate the control panel. The machine is now ready to use. This happens when the green lamp lights up.
  • After the control panel, turn on the conveyor unit. First, turn on the conveyor, then the filling, and finally the capping units. There are three green START buttons on each of the three units.
  • Upon activation, the conveyer belt moves and brings the containers to the filling station. Auto sensors start the filling unit when the container is in the right place, while the pneumatic system stops the containers once the nozzle is in place.
    As the liquid enters the distribution tube, it runs to the nozzle, then is sprayed into the container. The conveyor moves the containers to the capping unit after filling. Vibration guides the crowns to the chute. Then a wheel holds the containers in place while the crowns are attached to the container’s neck.


Shutting off the E-liquid Filling Machine

  • Press the red STOP button on each unit to stop the e-liquid filling machine. The exact order as when you started the machine, from the conveyor, filling, and the capping unit.
  • Bring the main switch button to the STOP position to deactivate the control panel.
  • The last step is to turn off the e-liquid filling machine’s main power supply.


How to troubleshoot the E-liquid filling machine?

  • Check the main power source if the machine and conveyor system don’t start. This usually fixes the problem. Make sure the MCB is working, and test the START button.
  • For improper filling of containers, adjust the distance between the bottleneck and nozzle.
  • If the containers do not stop, ensure the air pneumatic supply is working for the stopper unit. Between 5 and 6 bar, the air pressure should be good enough to work. Adjust the limit switches if necessary.
  • Inspect the pneumatic unit if the crowns don’t fit the container for the bowl feeder unit. 5-6 bars of air pressure are appropriate. Make adjustments if necessary. In many cases, improper capping occurs because of the distance between the containers and the capping device; adjust the capping unit’s height.

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