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When looking to buy a vacuum emulsifying mixer, many businesses may ask what the best way is to keep the machine in good shape. This short series breaks down a few simple and common ways to maintain an emulsifier machine in excellent condition.

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer for cream

1. After use, the vacuum emulsifying mixer must be thoroughly cleaned to preserve the rotor’s functionality and safeguard the emulsifying machine’s secret seal. Create and place a cleaning cycle device close to the perimeter, if required

2. After the emulsifier checks that the sealing cooling water is connected, turn on the motor and ensure that the motor’s steering is in line with the spindle’s steering mark before it works. Never let it go in the opposite direction!

3. If liquid leaks out of the shaft while the machine is running, the pressure of the machine seal must be changed after the machine has stopped.

4. Depending on how operators use them, the import and export filters need to be cleaned regularly so that they don’t cut down on the amount of feed and threaten the efficiency of production. The material that goes into the working chamber must be liquid . Do not put dry powder or lumps of material directly into the machine. If you do, the machine will get clogged up, and the emulsifier will be damaged.

5. Metal scraps or other hard and hard sundries should never be introduced into the emulsifying machine’s operating chamber; doing so may severely harm the stator, rotor, and other components.

6. To protect the safety of workers and equipment, the related safety production operating procedures must be developed prior to the construction of the vacuum emulsifying mixer. Users should install a safety protection system in their electrical control system, as well as a solid and dependable electric motor grounding system.

7. Checking the emulsification machine’s stator and rotor on a regular basis is essential. If it is determined that wear is excessive, the related parts must be replaced immediately in order to maintain the desired dispersion and emulsification effects.

8. The liquid material has to be continuously fed into the emulsification machine or maintained at a certain volume in the container. Avoid running empty machines so as not to solidify the material during high-temperature or crystallization processes and harm the machinery!

9. If the vacuum emulsifying mixer makes a strange sound or has other problems, it should be stopped right away for inspection. Once the problem has been fixed, the machine can be turned back on. When the machine is turned off, the working space, the stator, and the rotor should be cleaned.

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