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The optimal functioning and output of the e-liquid filling machine are possible through careful maintenance practices. Performing routine maintenance tasks such as gear and chain replacement, lubrication of moving components, and screw tightening can significantly enhance the longevity of the E-liquid filling machine . This safe approach enables one to get optimal benefits from the machine while having minimal financial expenses over an extended period.

It is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guide for proper maintenance of the e-liquid filling machine . To ensure optimal performance and functionality of the E-liquid filling machine, it is essential that the maintenance standard operating procedure includes the following key maintenance point s.

How To Maintain An E-liquid Filling Machine

Expert individuals with the necessary maintenance expertise should perform E-liquid filling machine maintenance. Typically, they are people from a company’s engineering department.

Strict safety precautions are essential during repair and maintenance to prevent accidents and o the possible dangers at work. precautions should be taken during the routine upkeep of the E-liquid filling machine. The individuals responsible for machine maintenance should be appropriately outfitted with PPEs such as helmets, goggles, safety gloves, and shoes.

The maker of the E-liquid filler will specify how often it needs servicing depending on how often it is used (in hours per month). Regular maintenance is performed on working equipment one hour after turning it off. The machine may then cool down properly.

The E-liquid filler machine comes with a maintenance form that must be filled out regularly (see maintenance manual).

Remember to turn off the machine’s primary power source 10 minutes before beginning maintenance since there is still a significant amount of current flowing through the machine’s main control panel at this point. Also, before routine repair, make sure the electrical system is properly earthed.

Before any maintenance process, make sure the air valve on the e-liquid filling machine is off.

The E-liquid filling machine requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, oiling, and greasing of the moving components. If you need to clean the machine, use a soft, lint-free cloth. After figuring out how useful a device is, routine maintenance is performed.

It is essential to routinely inspect all electrical connections. Once a month, make sure the wires are examined.

The shaft, cam, and chain need oiling and greasing. Use a fresh towel to clean the nozzle. Every 15 days, you should lubricate, and every month, you should clean.

Tighten the motor’s screws and bolts every 15 days. When the threads get worn, it’s time to replace them.

Every week, you should clean the motor’s fan.

Every ten days, springs need testing for suppleness. If it stops working, get a new one right away.

Cleanliness is essential. SOP is necessary—clean the conveyor belt after each batch.

Every week, inspect the stopper for wear and play and replace it if necessary.

Every day, inspect and clean the bowl feeder.

Every week, examine the chute.

It is essential to check for vibrations in vibrators and replace them as necessary

Every 15 days, discharge air from the pneumatic device.

Essential Safety Measures When Operating The E-Liquid Filling Machine

In Addition to Authorized Personnel, only this with proprining in equipenance shall and services. ll be appropriaately trained under close supervision, and every effect will be taken to ensure that they have read and fully underrstand the operating manual.

During machine operation, no doors will be left unlocked, and no safety features will be disregarded. During this process, no safeguards will be disabled in any way. No adjustments to the control panel will be made during the machine’s operation.

If a problem arises while the machine is running, stop it immediately and fix it. Before proceeding, ensure no tools are still on the machine’s main body.

Maintain a good view of the equipment and keep the space around it clean at all times.

Before beginning maintenance or repair, place appropriate indicators on the main body of the E-liquid filler.

Completely turn off the machine. At least one hour after a full shutdown, do not remove any parts.

Do not attempt to use hand or direct tools to slow down any moving component of the machine.

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