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Your facility’s water, electricity, and gas utilities should be ready upon installing the system. Following the arrival of your vacuum emulsifying mixer, it will be set up in the following manner:

1. Examine each valve and switch to ensure that it performs its actual and individual purpose.

2. Look for signs of consistent rotation, if the sweep wall stirrer is in the proper position and operating correctly, or whether the rotation function has the potential to be crucial.

3. Verify if there is no water within the heating interlayer before turning on the power. Do not turn the power on when the liquid stage is beneath the heating rod.
To ensure proper operation of the steam heating system, make sure that all of the connecting pipes and valves between the steam generator and the vacuum emulsifier mixer are fully functional.

4. Verify that the electricity indicators, voltage, meters, and other machine components are properly working before continuing.
5. When in process, the fabric must be heated and stirred simultaneously, under your system and the manufacturer’s production process.

6. While the fine cloth is present within the pot, the homogenizer may be turned on, and the wall swept simultaneously.
The sweep wall stirring speed can be adjustable from the minimum to the maximum, for instance, from zero to the optimum rate.

7. If the homogenizer fails to operate correctly, the power must be turned off immediately, and the unit must be dismantled and repaired. It is important to extend the vacuum control switch before opening the vacuum pipeline valve when the vacuum pump is activated.

8. Close the vacuum valve first, and then turn off the electrical supply when the vacuum valve is closed. When the vacuum stress hits a negative value between 0.05 MPa and 0.06 MPa, open the feed valve to allow the water and oil pot substances to get sucked into the vacuum chamber.
Additionally, check the filter integrity regularly to verify that no pollution gets into the emulsifying pot and that the homogenizer is functioning correctly.
The vacuum created within the emulsifying pot must be kept to a minimum. As a whole, it should be stored between –0.05 MPa and –0.06 MPa to avoid contact with boiling water.

9. Taking good maintenance of machines is essential when they are in operation. You’ll have to shut off your equipment before leaving the location or facility.

10. Before the system ceases to operate, it is important to reset the frequency converter to zero and then hit the stirring power switch.

11. Open the vacuum exhaust valve after shutting off the electrical transmission.

12. Following removing any products and keeping the pot clean, flush the pot’s interior with warm water to remove any remaining residue.

Generally, a vacuum emulsification machine is a readily available component. Incorrect emulsion mixer machine operation is a frequent cause of equipment failure. Achieving sufficient performance is partly attributed to the practical, technical structure and application of each system element and the proper functions and protection provided to the user.

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