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A vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is often used to emulsify highly viscous materials, producing ointments, lotions, and creams.

The following information is an overview of a vacuum emulsifying mixer. Get to know the machine’s functioning, its applications, products made, as well as its benefits for the purpose of selecting the most suitable machine for production.

Functions of the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

  1. Provide moderate clumps
    The RS vacuum emulsifying mixer is ideal for small to medium clumps and has comparable restrictions to the RX emulsifier, which ranges from 50L to 2000L. Purification of creams and other liquids using this method is achievable in most cases. However, the emulsifying mixer RB mixture is best suited for large and continuous batches of emulsions.
  2. Controlled Blending Process
    Regulating the blending environment into a vacuum condition will prevent air circulation and result in edge sharpening- will also produce non-void result combinations. Emulsifying machines are available in a variety of configurations and modifications for clients or businesses.


In What Applications Do Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers Work Today?

Food Industry
The vacuum emulsifying mixer has been commonly used in the food business. Producing the following food products:
• Mayonnaise
• Spreads
• Margarine
• Dressings
• Jams
In addition, companies use these machines for handling thick materials like;
• Child food
• Cheddar
• Chocolate
• Sugar
• Oral fluids

Cosmetic industry
Vacuum emulsifying mixer machines are often used to manufacture restorative or therapeutic products such as;
• Moisturizers
• Treatments
• Creams
• Toothpaste

Pharmaceutical industry
Vacuum emulsifier mixers are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to create emulsions. The sector is focused on various mixing methods, such as;
• Preparation process
• Gel production
• Ointment production
• Product suspensions production
The vacuum emulsifying tank is sealed, ensuring product material is heated and dispersed in a perfectly safe atmosphere. The mixer machine shall meet all sterility and hygiene requirements.

Chemical Industry
The vacuum emulsifying mixer has been extensively utilized in the chemical sector. Producing the following products:
• Washing powder
• Liquid detergent
• Coatings
• Inks
• Printing materials
• Dyeing auxiliaries
• Pesticide
• Fertilizer

Furthermore, the vacuum emulsifying mixer has several other applications in the plastic rubber, electrical and electronic, and paper manufacturing industries.

The Benefits of Using a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine

• The emulsifying machine saves time since the computerized equipment generates a significant amount of energy, which speeds up the whole contact process.

• Excellent at forming small, medium to large clumps of refined products, as well as large quantities of fine goods. In addition, the mixer may produce work limitations ranging from 30L to 2000L.

• A vacuum mixer for emulsification regulates the mixing environment, helping manufacturers avoid air circulations from occurring- causing sharp edges to degenerate over time.

• The regulated blending environment also contributes to achieving products that are free of flaws.

• Creams and other liquid goods, such as hack syrups, may now be purified and blended with relative ease.

• The emulsifying machine reduces the amount of waste that occurs during the manual blending procedure.
As a result, it is possible to conduct appropriate re-visits of the handling company.

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