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Changes in consumers’ tastes are expected to drive the jam market to grow in the next few years, especially in growing cities. They are now looking for food that is easier to carry with them and eat on the move. In addition, we all want Natural, healthy products that provide the same nutrients that fruits do. This could have a huge positive impact on the future of the jam business, especially with jam filling machine production.

If you want to pack jam, you will need a jam filler machine manufacturer to meet your needs. MAKWELL is a company in China that manufactures  jam filling machine s. Our production line is highly reliable and uses the most advanced automation technology. We offer jam Filling machines that use piston-type fillers to fill thick jam products into various container sizes effectively.
Jam Filling Machine

MAKWELL Jam and Sauce Filling Machine

✅ Using the MAKWELL jam and sauce filling machine, you can correctly and quickly fill a broad range of products, from low viscosity to higher viscosity products. Widely used in jam and other industries.

✅ Our jam filling machine can dispense jams in volumes ranging from 50ml to 1000ml every cycle in an automated, multiple-position, inline system. Available in various nozzle configurations, including 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16, depending on the production needs 。 To increase production, you can choose a dual-lane option. You can also keep valuable line space by choosing this option.

✅ Our filling equipment is a stainless steel frame, which is very durable. It comes with PLC control and a touch screen HMI, which means it can be controlled reliably and consistently with minimal effort from the operator. Precision-board, thick-walled metering cylinders Make sure that products are dispensed correctly.

✅ The servo motor-driven screw is faster and more accurate. For hygienic operations or usage, food-grade stainless steel and plastics are used. Anodized aluminum parts and many other features are available for the motorized conveyor and indexing system.

✅ The jam filling machine features a “No container, No filling” system that prevents spills and waste by detecting missing or misplaced containers. A dual-stage fill actuator with variable, independent speed control provides accurate “no-spill” control for topping off products or filling complicated products.

✅ Before empty containers get to the piston filler, they rest on the main conveyor. When containers enter the filler, optical sensors count them to guarantee that all containers are in the correct location. When in position, the pneumatic bottle clamping mechanism locks them in place 。 Under each filling head, containers are placed in the right place to prevent underfilling or overfilling.

✅ Stainless steel valves fall down into the bottles to fill them quickly, accurately, and consistently. Upon reaching the desired volume, the out-gate cylinder moves out of its place. This allows the filled containers to go on the conveyor for the sealing process.

Want to fill your jars with a jam filling machine? Explore more on our customizable jam packaging for your production line, and we’ll provide you with the filling solution you’ve been looking for. Give us a call to discuss your packaging requirements!

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