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The fully automatic shampoo filling machine can automatically do tasks such as measuring, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heat-print codes, etc., during the packaging process. All the work, the design uses a unique embedded sealing, an improved heat sealing mechanism, an intelligent temperature controller, and an excellent heat balance so that it can work with all kinds of packaging materials. The sealed performance is silent, the texture is clear, and the seal is strong. You can do a zigzag cut, a pattern cut, or a zigzag joint cut through the replacement. This makes the cutter stable and reliable when cutting bags and keeps it from getting stuck. The process is easy to follow.

automatic shampoo filling machine

Our shampoo filling machine is a new kind of automatic filling machine that can fill shampoo at a speed, feed rate, and weight that can be adjusted. It uses the idea of ​​mechanical shaping, faster cutting, and grinding, which makes it easy to use and excellent for a wide range of liquid and powder product materials.

MAKWELL Shampoo Filling Machine 


1. This filling machine is a piston type with excellent filling accuracy.
2. Popularly used to pack cleaning products for personal care.
3. With high filling accuracy, high speed, and a wider filling range, viscous liquids can be packed in many different sizes.
4. It is made to GMP standards, so it is safe, clean, and good for the environment. It is also beautiful and can be used in different kinds of workplaces.
5. When switching products for packaging, the filling machine may be quickly cleaned.
6. Filling speed of 30 to 60 bottles per minute (customizable) with ±1% measurement accuracy.
7. Filling range of 10ml up to 1000ml, customizable to meet filling targets.
8. Combining a bottle unscrambler, a capping machine, a labeling machine, and other machines, a shampoo filling machine can automatically unscramble, fill, cap, seal, label, add a QR code, unpack, pack, seal, and stack the bottles. It also has an environmental protection cover built in. It meets safety, environmental, and intelligent three-levelization standards, and the production process is automatically coordinated, making it stable and effective.


1. Use of high-quality imported PLC to intelligently control each part of the shampoo filling machine. Set the bag length, bag stop, cumulative production amount, display production amount, and set total output shutdown. Photoelectric can be changed to open or close at will, a new type of intelligent automatic filling machine.
2. The temperature of both the horizontal and vertical sealing bodies can be controlled by an intelligent temperature controller.
3. Smart photoelectric positioning, light motion, dark movement arbitrary converter, powerful anti-interference, and alert for an abnormal stop after three consecutive bags of cursor movement.
4. The speed of packing can be changed without shutting down the machine.
5. High level of bag-making accuracy. Simple to use and maintain.
6. In keeping with national measuring standards, use piston pump type measurement for precise measurement of packed materials with consistent density.

Filling System : Piston Filling Head

The shampoo goes into the material cylinder, and the piston pushes the shampoo into the measuring cylinder. The piston then moves up to send the shampoo to the pipe that fills up the bottle. As the bottle moves the conveyor belt into the filling machine, the filling head moves down to start filling. Once the bottle is full, the conveyor belt will send it to the capping station. Filling process without drip leakage, the number of filling heads can be changed based on your needs.

✅ Conveyor Belt

When the bottles are put on the conveyor belt, the bottles are taken to the filling machine, and the filling process begins. After filling, they are then sent out. Different bottle sizes can fit on this conveyor belt. The space between the two pipes can be changed to fit your container. This ensures that the bottle moves smoothly and safely along the conveyor belt. On the side of the conveyor are sensors that can automatically tell when a bottle needs to go out or send a signal to the screw cap filling station.

Measuring Cylinder

The main function of the measuring cylinder is to measure the amount of filling. Using it can improve the accuracy of your filling. It is powered by a servo motor, which controls the movement of the piston rod. When the piston moves down, it moves the material from the material cylinder into the measuring cylinder. When the piston moves up, it moves the dose of the material from the measuring cylinder into the filling pipeline. You can change the size of the doing cylinder to fit your needs.

Makwell Designs and Creates Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment for Shampoo

The shampoo is one of many liquid products that our machines can fill and package. Almost any shampoo packaging facility can use complete systems of shampoo filling machinery, labelers, cappers, and conveyors to meet its needs.

Our filling machine for shampoo is made to adapt to the changing needs of the shampoo business. We make the equipment you need to fill shampoo bottles and satisfy your production targets.

The shampoo packing machines are a technological masterpiece with a modern design, high efficiency, high quality, and high reliability. These machines can make high-quality products that work well and don’t cost much. We manufacture them to fit many different needs, so you can get solutions that are just right for you.

As a top shampoo filling machines manufacturer, we provide a broad range of premium filling and packaging equipment at reasonable prices. Our company offers consumers after-sale care and products of the highest quality. Additionally, to guarantee smooth operations, our assist technical expertise throughout the manufacturing process. 

We have come up with many ways to package shampoo. Whether you want to package your shampoo in a bottle, a pouch, or a 3/4-sealing sachet, we can create a solution that fits your specifications.

If you’re looking for a shampoo filling machine semi-automatic, fully automatic, or a shampoo packaging line, we’d love to hear from you! Visit our website and send us a message today!




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