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Did you know that before mayonnaise became a famous fast-food essential, it was a famous dip in Spain and was called Salsa Mayonesa?

As we all know, mayonnaise , which is commonly called as mayo, is a creamy condiment that is used to prepare well-loved snacks, such as salads, burgers, sandwiches, and even cupcakes. Traditionally, it’s made of vinegar, oil, and egg yolk. In some cases, different spices and mustard are added to enhance the flavor.

It started as a favorite dip in Spain and it advanced to other countries. It’s also believed that the term “mayonnaise” was derived from the French word, “moyeu,” which translates to egg yolk.

The earliest reference to this condiment was way back in the 19th century when it was included in the Alexandre Viard, a culinary encyclopedia.

Many people prefer mayonnaise over butter and cheese due to its special blend of salt and sweet flavors. It improves the tastes of various kinds of food, such as raw vegetables, breads, and burger buns.

However, mayonnaise is more than just a taste enhancer for food. It can also be used in other things that are not related to eating or dipping something!

✅ Eliminates Greasy or Sticky Stuff from Your Body

If you got something that won’t come off from your hand or any part of your body even when you already used soap and water, it’s likely that mayo will solve the problem. Mayonnaise can remove oil, car grease, and other components with similar features.

✅ Gets Rid of Water Blotches from Wood

You have probably noticed those glass stains on your wooden tables from glassware that was accidentally placed without a coaster. For people who are very particular with their furniture and other things, this can be frustrating. The good news is, it can be removed by using mayonnaise. Put about a spoon of mayo on the stain, apply a little bit of pressure while rubbing it with a paper towel. Then, leave the towel for a few hours. The explanation to this is that mayo will extract the water, while the paper towel will absorb it.

✅ Can be Used as a Home-made Hair Conditioner

The main ingredients of mayonnaise – oil, vinegar, and egg yolk, work well together to moisturize and nourish your hair. Also, the amino acid L-cysteine ​​present in it will help nourish your scalp for the healthy growth of your hair.

✅ Give Plants an Attractive Look

Many florists use mayonnaise to make their plants look healthy by making it shiny and attractive. You can do this to your plants, too. All you need to do is put a dab of mayo on a paper towel and gently apply to the leaves of your plants.

✅ A Lice Killer

One of the common problems parents share is lice. Many do not approve of using chemical-based solutions to kill lice on their children’s head. If you’re one of them, then you’re in for a treat! Mayo is an effective way of killing lice without worrying about any chemicals getting to your child’s hair and scalp. However, you need to use a lot of mayo, which may have an unpleasant smell, in order to kill lice. You also need to leave it on the hair for Several hours to make sure the parasites suffocate.

✅ Removes Crayon Stains

Another dilemma of parents is removing crayon stains from the walls. It’s close to impossible to keep watch of the children at all times. There will always be instances when you have to leave your child in the living room to cook or wash the dishes. come back, it’s already too late: crayon stains are everywhere! Good thing you have mayo in your fridge! They remove the stains without exerting too much effort.

✅Temporary Relief from Sunburn Pains

Some don’t believe this is true. However, it does provide temporary relief, but not that much. Some don’t experience it, especially when the sunburn is a bit severe. It doesn’t heal the affected part, but the cold temperature of mayo provides some comfort for mild sunburns.

✅ Makes Pianos Appear Brand New

There may be several piano cleaners and polishers available in the market, but many of them are quite expensive. If the keys of your piano appear that they’re in a really bad shape, applying mayo will make them look brand new in no time!

✅Strengthen Nails

If your nails are brittle, you can use mayonnaise to strengthen them. All you need to do is dip your fingers into the mayo and wait for at least five minutes. After, rinse your hands properly with soap and water to remove any unpleasant smell left by the mayo. This simple process will make your nails healthier and stronger and your cuticles softer.

✅ Moisturizes Skin

Use some mayonnaise and mix it with olive oil to nourish your dry skin. Stir the mixture well and apply to dry areas. Leave the mixture for about ten minutes, then remove it with the use of a damp cloth. The vinegar and oil in the mayo will make your skin stay hydrated and keep it from flaking.

✅ Get Rid of Stickers

Container labels, stickers, and tapes leave annoying sticky residues that can be difficult to remove. To avoid spending too much time removing these adhesives, you can use mayonnaise to finish the tasks faster.

✅ Cleans Silverware

Mayonnaise is known to be one of the most efficient ways of cleaning silver without the use of chemicals. If you prefer to clean your silver naturally, then cleaning it with mayo is your best option. All you need to do is apply some mayo to your silver spoons, forks, knives, and other silverware using a soft cloth. After, rinse it off with water. The mild acidity from the vinegar will get rid of tarnish and the oil from the mayonnaise will leave an attractive shine on your silverware.

Now that we’ve learned about the various unrelated food applications for mayonnaise, let’s get started on the mayonnaise-making machine!

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